Core strengths

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1. Twenty years of automotive electronic product development and design experience, covering automotive smart cockpits, entertainment navigation central control, full LCD digital instruments, streaming media rearview mirrors, smart gateways, T-BOX, digital power amplifiers, and motorcycle BMS battery management Systems, VCU, BCM modules, etc., meet the low-to-high product needs of automobile manufacturers and automotive electronics manufacturers. With a number of core patented technologies independently developed, it is a leading domestic R&D and design service provider.
2. With CMMI level 3 software development capabilities, IPD project R&D management system and ISO9001: 2008 quality control system, complete supporting test verification equipment, test laboratory and test experiment plan that meet the requirements of the former truck factory.
3. With an advanced project management system and software integrated development environment, software compilation, storage, management, and backup are centralized and run on a central server, which not only improves research and development efficiency, but also enhances the security of software code management.
4. Automotive electronic products involve multi-technology integration and multi-function integration, and require high reliability, safety, and stability. The professionalism of automotive electronic design plays a decisive role in the successful development of products.
5. The company has maintained long-term cooperation with upstream chip manufacturers, core module manufacturers, system software vendors and downstream manufacturers for many years. It is an important technical support force for the development of the Pearl River Delta region into a global automotive electronics industry cluster.
6. The company faces many customers and car factories, gathers the needs of many car factories and industries, grasps the latest industry technology development dynamic information, has a large technical reserve, short development cycle, low cost and strong ability to build customized solutions.
7. With pre-installed product development concepts, service awareness and quality assurance capabilities, it can quickly respond to customers' urgent needs.