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My company continuously optimizes and improves the technological innovation mechanism and R & D management system. At present, the company adopts IPD + CMMI management mode for product R & D, establishes scientific R & D management system and standardized product development process, and emphasizes advanced concepts such as market-based development, cross department team, structured process, project and pipeline management, etc., and mobilizes and integrates them Combined with the internal resources of the whole company, we have realized the product development of high efficiency, high quality and low cost.
IPD adopts the mode, concept and method of integrated product development, taking product development as a process, including six stages of concept, plan, development, verification, release and life cycle management to manage all product development activities.
CMMI is the capability maturity model. It is a certification module jointly developed and developed by Carnegie Mellon University and the National Defense Industry Association. It is one of the standards to evaluate the strength of software enterprises.
Zhonghong technology has passed the three-level certification of CMMI. Through the process improvement guided by CMMI model, Zhonghong technology implements a set of institutionalized management measures and processes for software development projects, which significantly improves the management ability and level of software engineering process.

The company has survived and developed in the automotive electronics industry for more than 20 years, constantly making progress, summarizing, accumulating and improving, and in the process of cooperating with internationally renowned automobile manufacturers and Tier1, continuous learning and practical application, the company has a set of A complete management system, R&D process, development quality assurance method, and laboratories that meet the requirements of front-mounted electrical products for the research and development of international pre-installed products, combined with the company’s management system and R&D process to customize an exclusive project management system and advanced The software code manages the central server group.

Management system and R&D process: