Salary system

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The company mainly according to the employee's value、 the ability and the contribution three big factors, unifies the employee's moral character、the attitude、the talent, provide the competitive remuneration for employees in the same industry, including the equity distribution, the short-term performance incentive, achieves "the person uses the talent, the person enters its wealth ".

And has the perfect salary system:

In order to create internal competition mechanism, improve team execution, cultivate staff professionalism, encourage employees to work hard, reward and punish laziness, survive the fittest, achieve job performance and work ability, ensure the realization of the company's strategic objectives, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, established performance appraisal programme .

Assessment objectevery departments of Shenzhen R & D center 、 all staffs in project management department in our company.

Assessment cycle: once a month.

Assessment time:Begin on the first working day of each month, to the end of 7 working days, the previous month's work assessment. The results of the assessment are published before the 8th working day of each month.

Assessment purpose